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What is Hacking Generation Y

Hacking Generation Y was formed to promote youth entrepreneurship through collaborative learning. It was founded in 2014 by Michael Matias who, at the time of HackGenY’s inception, was interning at Dan Ariely’s Irrational Labs. Matias, who has just graduated himself from high school, created HackGenY to bring together high school students who craved entrepreneurial engagement, and to excite young men and women in joining and continuing education in this field.

The first Hacking Generation Y - Silicon Valley was co-organized with Yonatan Oren, a current high school senior at Gunn High School, in Palo Alto. Yonatan is passionate about technology and Computer Science education, and loves programming.

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Chris DiBona

Chris DiBona is the Director of Open Source for Mountain View, Ca. based Google. His teams oversees license compliance and supports the open source developer community through programs such as the Google Summer of Code and through the release of open source software projects and patches. Additionally, he looks after Google Making Science, an emerging scientific outreach program. For Google Ideas, he looks after Uproxy and Project Shield, among other programs. Mr. DiBona is an internationally known advocate of open source software and related methodologies. He occasionally appears on the This Week in Tech and the This Week in Google podcasts. He is a visiting scientist at the MIT Sloan School of Management and has a masters in software engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Additionally, he serves as an advisor to a number of firms. Before joining Google, Mr. DiBona was an editor and author for the website Slashdot.org . Additionally, he co-edited the award-winning essay compilations "Open Sources" and "Open Sources 2.0" and writes for several publications. He was the host of Floss Weekly with Leo Laporte and made a number of appearances on TechTV's "The Screensavers" and on the Cranky Geeks. His personal blog can be found via http://dibona.com and he can be reached via email via chris@dibona.com. Also available is a profile on wikipedia and twitter feed which you can follow.

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Lior Zoref

Lior Zoref is a crowd wisdom researcher, author, TED speaker, former Microsoft executive, and a private consultant. He recently published book is called Mindsharing – The Art of Crowdsourcing Everything. He gave the first ever crowdsourced TED talk at TED 2012 in Long Beach, California. Lior holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science from the Technion and currently is a PhD candidate at Bar-Ilan University. He worked for fourteen years at Microsoft where his last role was Vice President of Marketing for Consumer and Online Services.

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Guy Schroy

Guy Schory is responsible for identifying and driving strategic initiatives for eBay Inc. globally. His focus includes leading end-to-end initiatives addressing the company’s top priorities and bringing external innovation into the company through the establishment of new R&D centers, acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and startup programs. Previously, Guy served as the Head of Product for RedLaser, a leading mobile shopping and product search platform managed as an independent unit within eBay. In this position, he helped grow RedLaser's user base to over 12 million downloads and to frequently rank among the Top 100 applications in the App Store. RedLaser has been featured as a leading shopping app by the New York Times, Oprah Winfrey, USA Today, PC Magazine, and others. Prior to RedLaser, he held a managerial position in eBay’s Corporate Strategy group, focused on M&A and strategic partnerships. Guy started his eBay career in 2006, where he was responsible for managing eBay's industry-leading Internet Marketing platforms. He is an inventor of six filed patents related to e-commerce & mobile, and a two-time winner of eBay's global innovation competition. Guy holds a BA in International Relations with an Economics focus from Stanford University, and completed the Economics of the European Union program at University of Oxford (UK).

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David E. Weekly

Started coding when I was five, actually. I loved the idea of working with ideas and being able to produce a verb instead of a noun; a system of actions. I became engrossed in the world of computers, coding up games and silly programs. When I was 15, I spent the summer at Harvard Physics Labs, helping simulate and visualize the synthesis of anti-hydrogen. I went on to work for MIT Lincoln Labs, Stanford Graphics Labs, and several commercial ventures, but I still very much self-identified as an engineer. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties, after throwing a house party that a hundred people had shown up to, that it occurred to me that I was also a social person, and that that was okay. I’ve spent my years since trying to figure out how to be both fully nerd and fully social. Around the same point in time, I started PBworks, a hosted wiki/collaboration service that serves about four million people a month. I’ve taken a great deal of pleasure in mentoring folks, in particular young techies who are new to business, since this is a path I tread myself.